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Symphony Knoll
Affordable Apartments for Seniors

Symphony Knoll, originally 11 apartments for seniors with an office for the Croton Housing Network, opened its doors in December of 2009. The original tenants were chosen by lottery from among 58 applicants. The CHN office has now been converted to an apartment and the tenant was again chosen by lottery.

The long and amazing journey to this point began in 2004 when an ideal site became available, as these pictures show.

At 15 Mount Airy Road, just north of Grand Street, Symphony Knoll is located in the heart of Croton. There are now 12 affordable one-bedroom units, nine of Floor Plan B, 650 square feet in area, and three of Floor Plan A, 825 square feet. Designed specifically for seniors, these one-bedroom units feature:

  • Patio or terrace with each unit
  • Individual heating-A/C units
  • Elevator building
  • Laundry on premises
  • Common room
  • Easy walking distance to Upper Village of Croton
  • On-site access to Croton Trail System
  • Landscaped outdoor seating area
  • Parking for one car per unit
  • Non-smoking premises
  • Handicapped accessibility

Requirements for Residents

As affordable housing for seniors, there are age requirements and income limits for residency at Symphony Knoll:

  • All residents must be 55 years of age or older by the date of initial occupancy
  • For the newly added unit, annual income must no greater than $43,560 for one person or $49,800 for two persons
  • Rent for this apartment is $1048 per month and does not include utilities.
The maximum income is a percentage of the median income for Westchester County specified for affordable apartments (50 or 60 percent at Symphony Knoll, depending on the unit). Minimum income is set to ensure that residents can afford the rent, which should be no more than 30 percent of gross annual income. Exceptions can be made in cases where a friend or relative agrees to supplement the resident's income or where there is a Section 8 voucher.